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Our Story

Tea is the 2nd most consumed drink in the world (only after water). It is not just a beverage, but an emotion to the Tea Lovers. Be it family gatherings, a business meeting, chit-chat with friends or even a romantic date, some of the best bonds happen over tea. Millions of people around the world start their day with a cup of tea. As per a data, around 3 billion cups of tea is consumed per day globally. Having said that, not all the tea that we consume is of standard quality & not all are good for health too. This bothered our Founder, Harsh Vardhan Jajodia & he made his mind to provide a solution for the same.

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We Hustle To Provide You The Freshest Tea

Unlike the traditional mode of buying the Tea through auctions, we hustle to provide the best quality tea directly to the customers from the finest estates in India. This enables us to not just provide you Freshest Tea, but also reduces the middlemen involved throughout the process. The following infographic gives an insight to how we do so.

  • Whole Leaf

    Whole leaf or loose leaf tea is always considered as a better than that of broken leaf or tea dust. It has been proven to have better flavouring and aroma.

  • Truly Natural

    Natural flavoring is the most preferred type in the whole food and beverage industry for the most obvious reasons. Our Teas are brewed with 100% Natural elements.

  • Pyramid Tea Bags

    This tiny little detail about the product can change the entire taste of your tea. The shape and size of these bags allow leafs and flavours to expand properly and releasing maximum flavour.

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