5 Best Teas to keep you warm in Winter

Winter is almost here & like every year, people are gearing up to face the chilly winds. Be it using sweaters, jackets, bonfires etc., we try different ways to keep the body warm. In addition, it is also the time when people ditch cold beverages for hot ones, to keep their bodies warm.

Talking about hot beverages, Tea is the first beverage that comes to mind. Hot Tea & Winters is a vibe. Drinking Tea during winter is like giving your body a warm bath on the inside. Not just that, there are also lots of health benefits of drinking tea during winter. Stay tuned as we discuss the benefits of tea and 5 healthy teas for Winter.

Health Benefits of Tea in Winters

  • Helps fight Colds & Cough: Winter is the time when we are most prone to catch the flu. Having a strong immune system can help us fight these. Green Tea & Black Tea can help you with that. By consuming 3-4 cups of tea daily, we can reduce the problems like colds & coughs.
  • Keeps Laziness at bay: We are prone to be lazier during winter because our body absorbs very less sunlight. Tea helps in getting us rid of this tiredness. A cup of Tea contains stimulants like L-Theanine, theobromine, theophylline & caffeine which help energise our body.
  • May keep your fat away: Our food cravings increases during winter. Thanks to the convenience of ordering food online, many tend to have food from restaurants in order to avoid cooking food at home due to cold weather. Thus, we tend to have more unhealthy, oily foods which may lead to the accumulation of more body fat in the body. A very good alternative to the same is Tea. Green Tea or Black Tea will increase metabolism, better your digestion & decrease your food cravings. They also help you to break down fatty meals.
  • Helps soothe body aches & pain: While the body aches & pain can occur at any time of the year, the symptoms are more prominent during winter. To help you counter those, Tea is a great option. Both Green Tea & Black Tea contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce body aches & pain rapidly.

5 Best Teas to keep you Warm in Winter

    1. Masala Tea: Liked by a majority of tea lovers, masala tea is the go-to drink during winter. Made using a mixture of various spices, the tea helps to keep you warm. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antifungal properties present, masala tea keeps cough, cold & flu at bay.
    2. Himalayan Green Tea: Rich in anti-oxidants & catechins, Himalayan Green tea is a natural immunity booster. This healthy green tea also contains antiviral, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, which help in keeping our body fit & warm during winter.
      While buying the tea, make sure you go for the ones prepared using 100% Whole Leaf. You can get Himalayan Green Tea in both Loose Leaf form & Tea Bags form both online & in stores near you.
    3. Lemongrass Tea: Lemongrass is a herb that promotes healthy sleep & immunity. Regular intake of Lemongrass helps reduce bloating, relieves pain & boosts oral health. To get more out of it, you can mix other herbs into it. One such combination is Lemongrass with Cinnamon. With the health benefits of both Lemongrass & Cinnamon, Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea is a healthy tea that helps fight colds & coughs.
    4. Ginger Tea:  Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve various kinds of body pains. It also helps relieve sore throat. Thinking what is healthier than Ginger Tea? It’s a combination of Ginger with Green Tea. You can add other herbs and natural sweeteners to get even more out of your Ginger Green Tea. When coupled with hibiscus, the Ginger Hibiscus Green Tea also facilitates digestion & promotes weight loss in addition to relieving throat issues.
    5. Tulsi Tea: Tulsi is one of the most sacred herbs in India. People have been consuming this healthy herb for thousands of years. Tulsi Leaves are loaded with antioxidants, that have loads of health benefits. Tulsi Tea in Winter is a great choice. When coupled with Ginger & Green Tea, the Ginger Tulsi Green Tea is a revitalizing drink that helps fight cough and cold & strengthens the immune system, making it a must-have drink in Winter.

To get the most out of these teas, it is recommended to have the ones made using Whole Leaf & Brokens. You can get 100% Natural Healthy Green Tea in both Loose tea & Pyramid Tea Bags form at Hustlebush.

So Relax, refresh, rejuvenate & beat the winter chills with these Best Tea options for Winter.

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