5 Healthy Teas you should have during Monsoon

Monsoon + Tea is a bond till eternity. Especially when we talk about India, just when it starts raining, the first beverage that comes to our mind is Tea. Not just the regular tea lovers, but even the non-regular tea drinkers say yes to a cup of tea. Having said that, the change in weather caused by Monsoon, or even when people get drenched in the rain, can lead to people falling ill. Cough, Cold & Fever are the most common illnesses we witness during the season.
To beat those monsoon snuffles & stay healthy during the season, we have curated a list of 5 healthy teas, that you should give a try this monsoon

1) Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea: With the benefits of Lemongrass and Cinnamon, the Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea is one of the healthy tea that you can have to beat the Monsoon Snuffles. Filled with antioxidants, this green tea helps fight cold & cough & is excellent for detoxing and boosting weight loss.

2) Ginger Tulsi Green Tea: If you are down with a cold & cough, a cup of Ginger Tulsi Green Tea can be a delicious curing option to consider. Made using Ginger Chunks & Tulsi Leaves, this healthy tea gives comfort to your throat when are down with monsoon snuffles.

3) Tulsi Mint Green Tea: With the benefits of Tulsi and Mint, the Tulsi Mint Green Tea helps improve immunity. Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with better digestion and is great for the throat.

4) Turmeric Green Tea: Loaded with the benefits of Turmeric, this healthy green tea can boost your immunity & help you with weight loss. Turmeric Green Tea helps detoxify the toxins from the body & improves your overall health, making it an ideal tea choice not just for the Monsoon but throughout the year.

5) Ginger Hibiscus Green Tea: Like many other healthy teas, the Ginger Hibiscus Green Tea is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Loaded with the benefits of Ginger & Hibiscus, this healthy green tea promotes healthy digestion, assists in weight loss & works wonders in relieving the throat.

How to make a perfect monsoon tea using these flavours?

Like any other food or drink, the preparation part is the most important when making a cup of Green Tea. Here’s how you can make it-:

Step 1: Heat 100–150 ml of water at 50 degrees

Step 2: Put your Pyramid Green Tea Bag in the cup.
Or if you are making tea using loose leaves, add 1.7 gms of Green Tea Leaves to the cup.

Step 3: Add the heated water to the cup, then steep it for 2–3 minutes

Step 4: Remove the Tea Bag

That’s it, your perfect healthy green tea is ready.

To sum it up, these are the 5 healthy green tea options to beat the monsoon snuffles. You can get these flavoured green teas made using 100% natural ingredients & plucked from the best estates in India, delivered directly to your doorstep from HustleBush.

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