Can Green Tea boost your Immunity?

The demand for Green Tea has rapidly increased throughout the world. Thanks to the increasing awareness of the countless health benefits of green tea, more and more people are adding this healthy drink to their daily diet.

From some reasons to add green tea to your diet to some lesser-known uses of Green Tea, to Whether Green Tea helps you with Weight-Loss, to How Green Tea is beneficial for Diabetes Patients, we have discussed all of these earlier. Another frequently asked question about Green Tea is whether it can help boost your immunity or not.
Stay tuned as we discuss how green tea can help boost your immunity & our top 3 recommendations for you.

Why should you take care of your Immune System?

Post-Covid, We have all realised how beneficial boosting our immunity is. With the frequent weather changes, even colds and flu are very common. When your immunity system is weak, you are more likely to fall sick & may find it difficult to recover quickly. With a healthy immune system, your body is better equipped to fight viruses, enabling you to lead a healthy life.

How Green Tea Helps you Boost your Immunity?

Made using the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, Green Tea has powerful antivirus properties. Green Tea is also loaded with catechins. The EGCG present in Green Tea can effectively promote immunity against foreign pathogens and help fight against the action of free radicals. Green Tea also contains L-Theanine. This component increases the immune response. By directly stimulating the activity of the immune system and inactivating viruses, green tea offers excellent protection from various illnesses.

3 Products you should try to boost your immune system

  1. Turmeric Green Tea: Turmeric is used for its anti-inflammatory & immunity-boosting properties for ages in India. In fact, food & drinks containing turmeric were amongst the most sought during the covid period. Turmeric green tea can not just boost your immunity, but also is great for the heart & improves brain function.
  2. Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea: Known best for its ability to fight cold & flu, the Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants, this green tea is great for detoxing and boosting weight loss. It also works wonders in reducing the symptoms of PMS & is a great immunity booster tea.
  3. Himalayan Green Tea: Loaded with antioxidants, Himalayan Green Tea helps you keep your calorie in check and increases fat burning. The catechins in this green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of bad breath. It also prevents the acceleration of ageing and supports immunity.

To make sure that you derive 100% benefits from these teas, make sure that the tea you are buying is of the best quality. To evaluate the same, make sure to check the ingredients section of the product you are buying. For the unflavoured green tea, make sure that the product is made using 100% Whole Leaves. Similarly, for the Flavoured Green Tea, make sure it is prepared only using Whole Leaves & Brokens. Do not go for teas that use artificial flavourings.
No matter whether you are consuming Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags, checking the ingredients is the most important part.

To sum it up, Green Tea does help to boost your immunity. To make sure you get the most out of your tea, go for 100% Natural Green Tea. Give your immune system a boost and keep your body in good shape with Premium Quality Green Tea.


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