Decoding heart-healthy reasons to drink tea

Tea is one of the miracle drinks that the majority of people adore throughout the world. From giving you a fresh start to the day to giving you some energy during the afternoon to help you relax at night, a cup of tea can serve many purposes & help you to have a great day. The health benefits of healthy teas like Green Tea are known to all, but did you know that tea is also great for heart patients? Before discussing more, let us talk a bit about heart health.

Heart-related diseases are on a rise. In the past 2-3 years we have seen so cases of so many people succumbing to cardiac arrests (some of them, even at a very young age). No matter what your age is, it is essential to take care of your heart health. 

A question that could immediately strike after reading the title is how tea can be used to reduce the risk of heart disease. or what makes tea a saviour for heart issues? Stay tuned as we answer all these & more below

Some benefits of Tea for Heart Patients

  1. Tea reduces Bad Cholesterol: Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and is associated with lower cholesterol, which plays a key role in cardiovascular health. Oxidation contributes to plaque build-up in the arteries & antioxidants can help prevent oxidation of the LDLs
    As per a study done by Harvard, drinking green tea can drastically reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL Levels).
    Also, reducing the LDL can make your heart healthy & helps prevent heart failure or cardiac arrest.
  2. Tea reduces Blood Pressure: Excessive stress, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle etc can lead to high blood pressure problems. This can cause the heart to work with more effort to pump blood into blood vessels, that carry it along with essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
    Certain chemicals in Green Tea & Black Tea can activate the ion channel proteins present in blood vessels that can help the blood vessels to relax. This enables the blood vessels to pass more smoothly without raising your blood pressure.
  3. Tea improves Gut Health: Maintaining healthy gut health is important for improving your heart health. Drinking Tea regularly can help you do that. The flavonoids in Green Tea & Black tea can increase beneficial bacteria and lower harmful bacteria in the gut microbiome, one of the body's key health defence systems.
  4. Tea reduces Inflammation: Green Tea contains ECGC (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which has anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have discovered that ECGC may prevent amyloid buildup in arteries that causes heart attack & stroke. Thus, tea for heart patients helps fight inflammation & also helps reduce stress.

Which Tea should you go for to lower the risk?

A research was conducted in Japan, in which more than 40000 people participated. They found that people who had 5 or more cups of Green Tea a day had a 26% lower risk of a heart attack. Another research suggested that adding Green Tea to the diet lowered the death risk of stroke survivors by a whopping 62%, while black tea reduced the same by 22%.
Thus, both Green Tea & Black Tea can be beneficial to reduce the risk of heart disease & stroke.

Having said that, make sure that the Tea you are consuming is of Good Quality. For unflavoured Green Tea, choose the ones made using 100% Whole-Leaf. You can try Hustlebush Himalayan Green Tea. If you would like some varieties instead of just regular green teas, you can go for the Assorted Green Tea Collection, a box that contains Pyramid Tea Bags (the triangle-shaped tea bags) of 8 Flavoured Green Teas, prepared using 100% Natural Ingredients.


It is relatively easier to make Healthy lifestyle changes when you need to add products that are not just good for your health but also liked by your tastebuds. It is icing on the cake when such a product is even readily available in the market & Tea does exactly that.

Both Green Tea & Black Tea can be consumed for Good Cardiovascular Health. Green Tea in particular contains compounds that can help you reduce the chances of heart-related diseases.

Have only Good Quality Tea to derive the maximum benefits.

Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy…

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