Green Tea vs Black Tea. Which one should you go for?

Green Tea vs Black Tea. Which one should you go for?

Tea is a widely consumed beverage throughout the world. A cup of tea is that magic drink which not only refreshes you but also boosts your overall energy enabling us to perform our work with ease. Not only that but there are also other health benefits that we get by drinking tea. Speaking of Tea loaded with health benefits, two of the most popular healthy teas are Green Tea & Black Tea. Both are very much liked by people throughout the world not only for their amazing tastes but also for their nutritional values. In this piece, we’ll decode both these teas, some of their health benefits & the differences.

 How are Green tea & Black Tea Prepared:

Camellia sinensis is the plant, the leaves that are the source of both types of teas. But the main difference lies in the processing of the types of teas. For producing black tea, the leaves are plucked and crumbled and then left to get oxidized. The longer the process, the darker the colour & deeper the flavour of the tea.
Contrary to that, Green tea is not oxidized. The green leaves are heated by pan-frying immediately after plucking so that they do not get oxidized.

 Health benefits of Green Tea & Black Tea:

Both black and green tea offer some common advantages like increasing metabolism, improving focus, helping in weight loss and others. Moreover, they have low caffeine and abundant antioxidants. Apart from these, there are some delicate variances between the nutritional values that both of them provide. Green tea is full of EGCG and helps in combatting many cardiovascular diseases. Black tea has L theanine, which is an amino acid allowing us to stay relaxed and focus better. At the same time, many of the findings have proved that people who drink green tea have fewer chances of having heart diseases.

 The difference in taste:

One of the differences in both the teas is their tastes. Black tea has a strong taste, with a pinch of malt, spice as well as honey. Though the taste becomes stronger or milder according to their origin. Conversely, green teas have a milder flavour with a soft aroma. Japanese green tea is savoury, the Chinese ones are subtle, smooth and sweet with a mildly sweet green fragrance, while the Indian Green Tea are more robust & dark and gives a strong yellow infusion & has more antioxidants comparatively.
The Indian Green Teas are also suitable for blending.

One of the popular blended teas in recent times was turmeric green tea. With the properties of turmeric coupled with the benefits of green tea, turmeric green tea is a natural immunity booster.

Which one should you choose?

If you are looking for some caffeine boost in your tea, black tea would be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to caffeine and want a tea that is relaxing and will also help you with weight loss, make green tea your go-to choice.

Where can you get it?

While many brands sell green tea online in India, the ones providing Tea with the best quality leaves are very few. If you are looking to buy green tea online in India, you can check out the collection of Hustlebush. The Green Tea is available in both Tea Bag & Loose Leaf form & is available at a great discount.

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