Is Green Tea a Good Choice post workouts?

Commonly, protein shakes and drinks are consumed as post-workout drinks. But did you know that Green Tea is not just a great pre-workout drink, but can also do wonders if you have it post your workout session?

Yes! You read it right. Consuming green tea after a workout is very beneficial for your health. The following are some of the benefits-:

  1. Boosts Metabolism

Strong metabolism is the key to good health. A cup of Natural Green Tea helps you boost your metabolism. The EGCG in green tea helps in increasing metabolism and burns more calories after a workout. Once your metabolism gets kicked you start burning more calories. And thus, you can eat more, without any guilt. A strong metabolism will keep you healthy.

  1. Does not increase your calorie count

You lose a certain amount of calories after your workout session. To ensure you are keeping that intact, you should ideally consume items that add no calories or very few calories after working out. Unflavoured Green Tea like Himalayan Green Tea can be the best choice to rebuild your stamina without adding any more calories to your body. Staying fit is possible and easy if you have green tea after a workout.

  1. Has a Relaxing Effect

This is another important reason to have green tea after a workout. After exercising, your heartbeat increases. A cup of green tea can help you relax a bit and stay hydrated at the same time.

  1. Keeps Your Sugar Level Controlled

In one of our articles, we have already discussed how Green tea is good for diabetic patients, just going to reiterate it a bit. Your energy levels drain out rapidly after you exercise. People with high blood sugar can’t have glucose to keep the balance of it in their bodies. Green tea makes it possible to keep your energy level stable and your sugar level controlled.

  1. Helps to Burn Fat

Earlier, we discussed one of the most commonly asked questions “Whether Green Tea helps you with weight loss or not? Here’s how it is relevant for post-workout sessions. While you are following a workout routine, you must be dieting too. Low-calorie foods are your best friend, right? Include green tea in your regular diet, especially after a workout. Green tea helps in producing norepinephrine, a hormone that signals your brain to tell fat cells that this is the time to get burnt. This helps you burn those extra fats.

Availability of 100% Natural Green Tea

You can get the best quality flavoured green tea made using 100% Natural Ingredients both online & offline at stores near you. Just make sure that the tea you buy is prepared using 100% Whole Leaf (for unflavoured green tea) & Whole Leaves + Brokens (for flavoured green tea). In case you are buying tea bags, always prefer the pyramid tea bags.


To sum it up, Green Tea is not just a good pre-workout drink, but also an excellent post-workout drink. The health benefits you gain make it a must-have beverage to stay fit & healthy.
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