The Most & the Least favourable time to consume Green Tea (Answered)

Tea is a very popular drink which we use to have at certain times of the day, like in the morning or the evening. Nowadays, green tea has become very known to us due to its worthy health benefits which have been shown repeatedly through various studies. We enjoy the enchanting tastes of various flavoured green tea types. But these typical flavours are not those we think. Suppose a tulsi-flavoured green tea is being made by incorporating the essence of the holy basil leaves. The same happens for other types of flavoured green tea.

When you choose to drink green tea, you must have an idea about the advantages and disadvantages it can reap. In this piece, you will get to know the best as well as the worst times to sip the enchanting beverage.

Which time is the best to drink flavoured green tea?

Time matters a lot for everything, including drinking your favourite beverage. When it comes to getting the benefits of flavoured green tea, you should have it at the following times of the day:

  • After waking up in the morning:

Many of us have a habit of drinking a cup of green tea after waking up in the morning. We think that it can boost our concentration. Since caffeine is present in this type of tea, so it comprises mind-sharpening properties. This enhances your vigilant nature. Moreover, it also has L-theanine, an amino acid that brings out a calming effect. Both caffeine and this amino acid work hand in hand to stimulate your mood and the functioning of your brain. It also does not result in any kind of harmful side effects that can happen while consuming caffeine alone.

This is why cherishing this tea after waking up in the morning is a splendid way to kick off your day on the right note. Never forget to look at the type of leaves used to prepare green tea when you buy green tea leaves online to get the best quality tea.

  • Before going to do exercise:

Many studies have suggested that sipping green tea before a workout session can be useful for your health. A study shows that having green tea extract before exercising increases the burning of your body fat by almost 1/5th. Another study on women showed that sipping 3 cups of green tea before working out and another cup before two hours of warming up boosted the fat-burning process while exercising.

Moreover, this tea can enhance the quick healing of your muscles. A study of some men has found that taking 500mg of green tea has curtailed the damage done to muscles caused by exercise. This is a very good thing about having this type of beverage before a workout session.

Which time is less favourable for drinking green tea?

Sipping green tea can provide you with a gamut of health advantages, but it can also become harmful if consumed at a less favourable time. They are:

  • Impairs nutrient absorption if taken during meals:

We have already read about the usefulness of this type of beverage. But there are also multiple compounds in this type of tea which can bind to minerals in your body and stop their absorption. Tannins found in this tea can work as antinutrients and decrease the absorption of iron which can cause various side effects. Moreover, studies have shown that the EGCG present in green tea can prevent the absorption of minerals like chromium, copper and iron. Drinking tea during mealtime can lessen iron absorption in your body leading to a deficiency. When looking to buy green tea bags online in India, always look at the ingredients used to prepare the green tea leaves & of course, the product reviews.

  • Can cause sleeping disturbances to those sensitive to caffeine:

A cup of green tea contains approximately 35mg of caffeine which is much less than the 96mg of caffeine that is offered by the same amount of coffee, but it can still cause problems for those who are sensitive to it. Common side effects of caffeine consumption are anxiety, hypertension, fidgeting, and nervousness. This stimulant can also cause sleep disruptions even if you take it much before you go to bed. This is something very alarming. So, avoid drinking green tea for up to 6 hours before going to sleep if you are sensitive to caffeine.


The time of drinking tea depends upon everyone’s personal preference. Some like to enjoy sipping tea at the start of the day or before a workout session to have the maximum benefits offered by this type of tea. Others find it better to drink tea at other times of the day. Whatever time you choose to have green tea, just try to avoid consuming it before going to bed or during meals as it can result in a reduction in mineral absorption in your body. To get a variety of flavours of green tea, get the assorted flavoured green tea bags collection, which contains tea bags of 8 flavours (Himalayan Green Tea, Sweet Himalayan Green Tea, Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea, Rose Mint Green Tea, Tulsi Mint Green Tea, Ginger Tulsi Green Tea, Ginger Hibiscus Green Tea & Turmeric Green Tea) that gives you an opportunity to have a different flavour tea each day. This healthy assorted tea box is the best, not just in quality but also gives the best value for your money.

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