What makes Natural Green Tea so special

As per a report from the International Institute of Sustainable Development, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. The dried leaves from the Camellia Sinesis bush are used to prepare almost all types of tea (herbal tea being an exception).
Green Tea is prepared using unoxidised leaves and is amongst the least processed types of tea.
Why are people so much keen to have it? What is so special about it? We will try to find the reasons for it here.

Why is green tea made using natural ingredients so special?

The Green Tea prepared using 100% Natural Ingredients, gives you the best quality tea. This tea is a direct product of nature, and no artificial elements have been added to it. Moreover, the usage of only Whole Leaves to prepare Green Tea gives you the taste of tea in its most natural form. Green Tea is enriched with antioxidants that improve your brain function, lessen body fat, and lower the risk of a heart attack. Some other benefits of this healthy tea are as follows:

 Beneficial for Diabetes Patients:

100% Natural Green Tea is not the ordinary beverage that people think of. It is very beneficial for both Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. Green tea can stimulate the production of insulin if you have type 1 diabetes, and, compounds like polyphenols and EGCG catechins can do wonders for type 2 diabetic patients. These are not merely statements, but various studies support this fact.

 Catechins reduce foul breathing:

Catechins are among the elements present in natural green tea. Various studies have shown that catechins can keep away bacteria and lower the risk of infection. Cavities, tooth decays, and plaques are also prevented from growing in your mouth.

The streptococcus mutans bacteria in your mouth is the source of plaques, cavities, and tooth decay. The catechins in green tea resist the bacteria from hampering your oral health. Foul breathing can embarrass you when you are out of your way to work. Moreover, it affects your health overall.

 May reduce the risk of cancer:

Cancer is one of the fatal diseases that have been creating panic among the sufferers. Although an association between green tea consumption and cancer prevention is yet to be proved by researchers, it is a widely accepted fact that a healthy body may aid in lowering one’s risk of cancer. Various studies have linked Green Tea to health benefits, there’s a likelihood that future research will be able to prove that Green Tea reduces risk of cancer.

 Burns fat in your body:

Green tea acts as a fat-burning agent. Numerous studies have revealed that green tea can improve the metabolic rate and also burns body fat more than any other type of tea. Calories are burned increasingly by the regular intake of green tea. Burning excess fat from your body, helps you to have a fit and healthy body which is essential today.

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Green tea made using 100% Natural Ingredients is special due to its various health benefits discussed above. To get the best quality healthy green tea, do check out the type of tea leaves used. For Best Quality Green Tea, always prefer the ones made using whole leaves (you can opt for HustleBush’s Himalayan Green Tea in Loose Leaf & Tea Bag Form), while for the Flavoured Green Tea, an ideal choice would be the ones made using Whole Leaves & Brokens (check out Hustlebush’s Assorted Green Tea Collection for a wide range of Best Quality Flavoured Green Tea). If you find that Dust Tea or Fannings are used, immediately choose not to purchase that tea as the quality of the tea that you would get won’t be up to the mark.

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