Why you should go for Pyramid Tea Bags?

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, only next to the water. Consumed by most people, Tea exists in various forms and has plenty of health benefits. Teas can be prepared using Tea bags or Loose leaves. While the quality of Tea Leaves is one important factor when we prepare it using Tea Bags or Loose Leaves, a common problem that arises while selecting the Tea Bags is what shape of Tea Bag should you choose.

Many people don’t know that the efficiency & effectiveness of a Tea made using Tea Bags also vary based on the shape of the Tea Bag used. The Advertising Standards Authority of the UK, in the year 2014 ruled that Pyramid Tea Bags did make better Tea than other types as the bags had greater brewing capacity.

Pyramid Tea Bags

Reasons why Pyramid Tea Bags are better?

  1. More Spacious: The triangular structure of pyramid tea bags makes them more spacious than regular tea bags. This spaciousness allows the packaging of good quality tea leaves which results in top-quality taste.
  2. Brews more consistently: Pyramid Tea Bags brought innovation to the tea industry and has changed the older rules of brewing tea. The structure of the tea bags allows the leaves to move more freely which leads to the maximum release of flavour into your tea cup
  3. Variety of Flavours: Earlier, we talked about how the triangular structure of tea bags makes them more spacious. More space allows the bags to accommodate more ingredients. Hence, flavours like rose, mint, turmeric, ginger etc can infuse properly, giving your tea an extra punch and your tastebuds a better feel.
  4. Saves Time: In comparison to Regular Tea Bags, Pyramid Tea Bags have a porous structure. This allows a faster brewing of concentrated flavour to mix into the cup giving you a better quality tea in lesser time.
  5. Ideal Gifting option: Deciding on what to gift can be a difficult task. We all seek to look out for something that can be useful to the other person & it is the icing on the cake when the gift item is well within our budget. This is where Pyramid Tea Bags come in. Pyramid Tea Bags set a hallmark of luxury and thus, it is not just great for personal use but an equally useful product for gifting.

Where can you get Pyramid Tea Bags?

In case you are looking for brands that sell Flavoured Green Tea in Pyramid Tea Bags, make Hustlebush your go-to choice. The Teas are made using Whole Leaf & Broken Leaves and contain 100% natural flavourings.
You can get the following Flavoured Green Teas Pyramid Tea Bags at Hustlebush:

  1. Himalayan Green Tea
  2. Sweet Himalayan Green Tea
  3. Rosemint Green Tea
  4. Tulsi Mint Green Tea
  5. Ginger Tulsi Green Tea
  6. Ginger Hibiscus Green Tea
  7. Lemongrass Cinnamon Green Tea
  8. Turmeric Green Tea

For gifting purposes, you can easily consider our Assorted Tea Collection in which you’ll get Tea Bags of all the flavours mentioned above.

Assorted Green Tea Ideal for Gifting

To sum it up, Pyramid Tea Bags have many advantages over the Regular Tea Bags. If you are a tea lover and looking for how to make the best quality green tea consider Pyramid Tea Bags.

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